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At last, an energy company with heart

Our Mission

Here at Home Energy, we are on a mission to show that there is another way to run an energy company. We are passionate about giving our customers the support they deserve, and in sharing our success, to allow our customers to give support to their favourite charitable causes.

  • We are putting aside some 25 million shares in Home Energy for sharing amongst the charities nominated by our customers.
  • This will be accompanied by an annual income, increasing period on period into seven figures once we start hitting our targets in 3 years time.
  • But, we are not ignoring our customers and our promise to you all is to give you a best in class level of service, to have fair and simple pricing plans and to resolve any queries you may have in days not weeks.
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Who Are We?

My name is Kevin Stoker.

Home Energy has been my baby for a long time and our recent launch was the result of 2 years of planning. I have always supported various charities, raising hundreds of thousands of pounds in the process. With Home Energy, I aim to leave a lasting legacy, and maybe, just maybe, we might along the way change the way companies think about how they link their business to charities.

My starting point was to link our business to the charity sector in a way that has never been done before. To share our success, to do things differently, and put simply, giving away shares at the beginning of our life costs very little – but could add up to an enormous sum in a few years time.

Our customer ethos includes having a special department to answer your questions or sort out problems as they arise.

Give to Charity

When you register to become a customer of Home Energy, you’ll be offered the option of which charity or charitable sector you would like your stake allocated to. This opportunity is key to our offering here at Home Energy – we’d really love to help some worthwhile causes. If you can’t decide what to do initially, don’t worry – you’ll have the chance to change your mind later on!

To begin with we plan to cover five charitable sectors, each of which is close to the hearts of the Home Energy founders. Prior to our flotation, we will provide a list of the charities in each in sector we are supporting and you will be able to make a choice as to which one you would like your shares to go to.

Charitable funds
  • Hospices

  • Neuro-degenerative diseases

  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia

  • Cancer

  • Animals

Save money with Home Energy

We aim to be cheaper than the ‘big six’ suppliers in the energy market. Dependent upon your location and annual usage, this could easily add up to £200, or more, in the coming year. But we want to offer you much more than just an annual saving – namely great customer service and help for your favourite good causes.

By the way, you will not find us on price comparison sites – the commission that they charge would push our costs up. Instead, come direct to Home Energy and we shall offer you the best deal that we can. If we are not showing you a saving, contact our customer service department so they can find out why and come back to you .

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