You’ll find answers to the questions we get asked most frequently below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please contact us.

  • Q. How do I switch to Home Energy?

    Simply “Get a quote” and follow the steps to switch to Home Energy.

  • Q. How long does it take?

    It normally takes 5 working days to complete the switching process and we will keep you updated with progress. We need an opening meter reading and there is a 10 day window to provide this – up to 5 days before and 5 days after the switching date. If you cannot provide us with a reading, then don’t worry as we will request an estimate for you.

  • Q. Will my energy get cut off?

    No. You will never get cut off as part of the switching process and, in most cases, you will keep the same meter. We don’t need to visit your home either – you just provide a meter reading close to the switch over date and we will take care of the rest.

  • Q. How do I know you will be able to guarantee me an unbroken supply of energy?

    All suppliers are regulated by Ofgem, who provide processes and procedures to maintain your supply.

  • Q. Will a plumber be involved in the switch?

    No, when you switch your supplier there won’t be any need for anyone to install any new cables or pipes – in fact there will be no physical changes to your property at all. You won’t even be disconnected at any point during the switch-over.

  • Q. Do you own any pipelines?

    No, the pipelines through which energy is delivered to customers are owned by Regional and Independent Gas Transporter companies. All suppliers use the services of these transporters to bring you your gas.

  • Q. Why do we have different prices for different regions?

    Different regions have varying levels of cost for delivering energy to customers’ homes so we have different charges to reflect that.

  • Q. Why is fixing for longer more expensive?

    Ideally, we would like to make the price the same but over the longer period we need to factor in additional  transportation and network price rises.

  • Q. Smell gas, think you have a leak?

    The local gas transporter is responsible for the pipes in each area. No matter who your supplier is call the national gas emergency number 0800 111 999 at once.

  • Q. Can I change my mind?

    You have 14 days from the day you sign up with us to change your mind (your “cooling off period”). You won’t pay any exit fees if you leave during this time but if you have chosen to start being supplied by your supplier during your cooling-off period, then you will be responsible for all costs associated with the energy you use and any other services provided to you during your cooling off period and you will be asked to pay for any energy you use during this time.

  • Q. When will you bill me?

    We will take your direct debit amount, as agreed on the direct debit mandate, on the day of the month we have agreed. We will send you a monthly statement to show how much energy you have used and how much you have paid us. This statement is not a demand for payment, it just shows your usage and your payments. It is normal to build up some credit in the summer months, which is then used during the winter.

  • Q. How do I change my direct debit details?

    Please email us your new account details or call us on the number found on your statement.

  • Q. Should I cancel my old Direct Debit?

    You should not cancel your old Direct Debit straight after going through the switching application. You need to wait until after your last meter reading has been taken and you’ve received your final bill from your previous supplier. We are not allowed to cancel your Direct Debit with your former supplier.

  • Q. How often do I need to send a meter reading?

    Send meter readings as often as you like – the more the better. By providing meter readings we are able to bill you for what you have actually used rather than estimating your usage. If we find you have not sent us a reading for a while, we will send you a reminder to make sure we keep track of your account.

  • Q. Am I tied into a contract?

    The fixed tariff is a contract for an agreed number of months. We agree not to put the price up and you agree to stay with us for that period. Even if the wholesale price goes up, the price to you remains the same. To do this we have to buy the energy upfront on the wholesale market so the price remains the same for the whole period. You’re free to move away from us at any time but, depending upon your tariff terms, a fee may be incurred.

  • Q. Can I spread the cost of my energy usage?

    Yes. We estimate how much energy you are going to use over a whole year – taking into account lower usage in the summer and higher usage in the winter. We then spread the cost over 12 monthly payments, which we collect by direct debit. We try to get your payments the same every month as soon as possible, but if you join in the winter we request that you pay a little more so your balance doesn’t go into debit straight away. We ask that you send us meter readings at least twice a year and we will read your meter at least once every 2 years. If your energy usage changes significantly then we may adjust your payments so that you keep paying the right amount for your usage.

  • Q. Where are your advisors located?

    All of our advisors are based in the UK.

  • Q. What happens if I have difficulty paying?

    Please contact us immediately. We are here to help and can review your payments if necessary. You should never cancel your Direct Debit while still under contract with us.

  • Q. How do I update my email address?

    Either use your Home Energy account or please email us from the email address registered to your account to request a change to your account details.

  • Q. What happens when my tariff is about to end/has ended?

    We will contact you just before your tariff ends. We’ll tell you when your tariff end date is and what tariffs are available to you. If you haven’t chosen a new tariff when yours comes to an end we’ll automatically transfer your account to our evergreen variable rate tariff as per Ofgem regulations.

  • Q. What happens when I wish to switch supplier or tariff?

    If you wish to switch supplier or change your tariff it’s important to check and see if an early exit fee applies to your current tariff. Any outstanding balance may need to be paid before we let the switch go ahead. If you’d like to check out our current tariffs, we’d be happy to help. Switching to another Home Energy tariff is easy – all you have to do is contact us or use our renewal email. Additionally, please provide us with a meter reading when you register to switch away. If we do not have sufficient meter readings, we may object to your switch. If there is an outstanding balance or insufficient meter readings on your account we will contact you to remedy this so that your switch can go ahead.

  • Q. Do I still have to pay for energy when my property is empty?

    When a property is empty, the registered owner of the property is responsible for the usage and standing charges. Although the usage may be minimal, standing charges will still apply. The charges are the fixed costs associated with providing the energy supply such as meter readings, maintenance and the cost of keeping the property connected to the network. Whilst you have meters at your property standing charges will be applied to your account.