At Home Energy we want to make a difference to the society around us. We’re conscious of our social responsibility, and we’re based on professional and responsible business activities. We want to contribute to society by giving back to our customers and helping them support the charities they believe in and make a huge difference to people’s lives. We believe that Home Energy can improve lives as well as saving costs!

Sharing our success and making charity donations is at the core of our business. We decided very early on in our thinking that we would like to help various charities with their funding. This is key to our business model.

So, when you apply to become a customer, you become a stakeholder. You then choose which charitable sector you want your stake to be allocated to. This allows you to make a huge difference to your favourite cause.

To begin with we plan to cover four charitable sectors, each of which has some resonance with Home Energy’s founders: These sectors being as follows:

  • Hospices
  • Motor Neurone Disease
  • Alzheimer’s / Dementia
  • Children’s Cancer

Daring to be different

How many small energy suppliers do you know that are prepared to build their company up for a stock market flotation and then, when they hit their growth targets, promise to give 20% of its value back to its customers, and through them to a number of charities?

We know our customers care about their supplier’s values, that is why we are going to allocate every one of them a stake in the business and when we go for a stock market flotation, we will ask them to nominate which charity they would like their allocation donated to.

The bottom line for anyone interested in helping others while you are helping yourself, is to join us on our journey. We plan to do things that will add value and allow people to believe there is an alternative way to set up and run an Energy Company. We want to help your favourite charities, and believe our unique customer share ownership/charity support scheme could drastically improve your fund raising prospects. If you are interested or would like to offer your ideas, now is the time.

Oh, and by the way, our electricity supply comes from a range of sources and a growing proportion of it already comes from renewable energy. But, Home Energy will go farther than that, by buying Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (‘REGO’) certificates to cover a proportion of the electricity consumed by our customers. We plan to increase that proportion year-by-year and at the end of each year, we shall let our customers know how much we have bought. We want to play our part in the transition to cleaner sources of energy. For full details of our Renewable Energy policy, please click here.

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