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Home Energy and Surrey Rugby

Here at Home Energy, we want to make a difference; a difference to our customers and to the sports organisations and charities we hold dear to our hearts. In order to achieve this aim, we are going to build an energy supply company that not only looks after its customers, but also gives a good slice of its wealth and profits to worthy causes.

How does this work?

Firstly, we’re including all our customers in our charitable initiative. When we float on the stock market around 2025-26, we’ll ask you which charity or sports organisation you’d like shares to be allocated. How many shares we allocate on your behalf will depend on your annual expenditure and how long you’ve been with us.

Surrey Rugby is one of the organisations we’re proud to support and, when you become a customer, your share nomination will automatically be allocated to them. Prior to our floatation, we’ll ask you whether you wish to stick with this or give your shares to a particular Surrey rugby club.

Secondly, we’ll put aside a small percentage of our income from you for Surrey Rugby, starting at the end of the first year of your contract and lasting for as long as you remain our customer.

While we can’t predict precisely how much this will all add up to, we’re hoping to give away — across all our sports and charity partners —£20 million in shares and an annual income in the region of £2.5 million.

To our knowledge, no other energy company has ever been this generous to good causes.

What do I need to do?

Help us to help Surrey Rugby…

  • Simply click on the “Get a Quote” button above. Follow the instructions and when it asks you to nominate your charity of choice, click on “Other” and then type into the new box “Surrey Rugby”. Or, if you have any problems, call our Customer Service desk on 03300 246000 and ask them to help
  • If we are similar in cost compared to your current supplier, or maybe even a little bit lower, then ask us to become your supplier by completing the online application form
  • We will then do everything necessary to complete the swap from your old supplier to Home Energy (it should be an automatic process)
  • If during the changeover process a problem arises, we will contact you before proceeding further

Once the changeover has taken effect, our aim is to make being our customer as simple as possible. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and, more importantly, how our efforts are going to support rugby in Surrey.

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